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With over 40 years of combined experience in general auto repair, and 30+ of that being in transmission diagnosis & repair, we at AutoTrans M.D. are the solution to auto repair that you've been looking for.

From the simplest maintenance to the most complex transmission, A/C, electrical, drivability, and diesel repairs that the market can bring to us. Bumper-to-bumper, we've got you covered!

Our Quality Promise

We understand that no one wants to throw away their hard-earned money and our customers have a huge variety of choices for auto repair in Palm Beach County, so we take it very seriously that you've chosen us. We offer a 12 month/12,000 mile warranty on all of our work, as well as the opportunity to purchase extended warranties on transmission repairs.

We Take Any Extended Warranty

Most repair shops won't take an extended warranty for a variety of reasons: they don't want to deal with an inspector coming to their shop to confirm needed repairs, the warranty company dictates the labor rate for the shop, and the paperwork can be tricky to file, just to name a few. We're well versed in all extended warranties and we'll take them. Just one more way we're here to save you money!

Our Auto Repair Services

When we say "Bumper-to-bumper, we've got you covered" we mean it!

Transmission Repair

This is our core purpose here at AutoTrans M.D. We have the experience, the training, and the knowledge to repair your transmission on any year/make/model you've got. We've rebuilt transmissions on everything from farm equipment, like a harvester, to lawnmowers, to the most brand-new vehicles on the road.

Auto AC Repair

Anyone who has lived in south Florida for longer than a few minutes knows that you can't live here without an A/C system that blows ice cubes out of the vents. If yours isn't working, come see us today. We offer comprehensive auto ac repair services for all makes and models of vehicles, both old and new! Don't delay, come see us today!

Auto Electrical Repair

Electrical systems, and by default electrical system failures, are now an everyday part of driving a car. We've spent years tracking down short circuits, cut wires, failed controllers, and much more. So when you put on the turn signal and the radio suddenly turns on. we can fix that for you. Don't let the modern car electrical system scare you!


This category of automotive repair is tied closely to the rise of complex electrical systems in vehicles. Gone are the days of replacing just the spark plugs when the car isn't running right. The diagnostics for drivability can be incredibly difficult. Like everything else we do, we're experts in tracking down the failure and will get you back on the road without costing you a fortune in "guesswork repairs".

Engine Repair

This is the big one that most people fear when they think of automotive repair "internal engine failure" more commonly referred to as "a blown engine". If your vehicle lost oil pressure, is making some alarming noises, or has already experienced a total engine failure, we're here to help.

Preventative Maintenance

The most important part of maintenance such as an oil change, transmission service, fuel system service, etc is the "preventative" part. We want your vehicle to run better for longer. We'll take care of the things that will keep you from having to deal with more expensive repairs.

Steering & Suspension

This category of auto repair is often overlooked as one of the most important aspects of your vehicle's continued good health. Every piece of the steering and suspension system is a safety item. Don't risk driving with worn parts.

Brake Replacement

This one is pretty straight-forward: if your car doesn't stop correctly, we're all in trouble! We've got the equipment to diagnose any ABS system and we can fix any type of base braking issue as well.

Everything Else

Radio doesn't work? We can install a new one for you. Headlights got the smoky film on them and you can't see as good at night? Yea, we can fix that, too. There is more to auto repair than just the big, costly items. So, for everything else on your car, we've got you covered there, too.

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